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Speaking & Training

Speaking & Training

Conference facilitation & staff training that is truly impacting on your business and your team!

Zac facilitates many conferences and staff training sessions around the globe each year, inspiring and encouraging participants with his practical methods, down-to-earth delivery and the on-going impact for a long time after the sessions.

He excels in sharing real-life situations and examples from his experience with hundreds of clients to help illustrate and clarify. An experienced director, Zac’s ability to get to the crux of a problem quickly comes to the fore in facilitation – he can hastily work out what the real issues are and what the focus needs to be on in order to achieve results from the discussion.

Zac can speak confidently on all areas of business at conferences and in staff training, but his talks on the following topics are particularly popular:

– Leadership and how to be the most effective leader/manager you can be

– How to have a best workplace (turn around your team and corporate culture)

– World-class customer experience. What it takes to stand out from your competitors

– How to have a better business and the right strategies for you

With Zac’s expert advice and vast knowledge, your team will go away focused on improving personal and team performance and growing the profitability of your company.

Corporate speaking & expert panels

Zac is in demand to present on a wide variety of topics at conferences and events each year, across many different industry groups.

He uses his experience as a company director, chartered accountant, media contributor, CEO and business owner to share knowledge and expertise on all elements of business through his corporate speaking.

At the end of his speech, you’ll feel inspired, motivated and be brimming with new ideas that you can apply to your business and team which will grow your profitability and performance!

Zac speaks on most topics with his corporate speaking and will custom-write a speech for your event at your request, but he also has awesome presentations on the following topics:

  • How to create a better workplace and watch performance fly
  • How to take your team’s performance to the next level
  • How to win more customers and keep your current ones happy
  • The 7 secrets of business success
  • What does business strategy really mean?

For more information and topics, see our CONFERENCE SPEAKING page.

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