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Business Planning & Strategy

Do you feel like your business has no real direction and you tend to focus very much on the today, too busy on the day to day to think any further ahead?

Do you struggle to work on the business because you’re too busy working in it? A clear business plan and strategy will change your business. It will clarify your direction, determine what you should (and shouldn’t be) focusing on and give you breathing space to plan for the future rather than just plodding along doing what you’ve always done (getting the same results you’ve always got).

Zac and the Business Changing team are well-known for enabling companies to work through a strategic process so they know what they actually could be in the future and how to get there. This can be via one to one mentoring or including your management group (or directors) in business planning and strategy Auckland sessions facilitated by Zac.

Over the years, we have built a market-leading framework that enables us to ask the right strategic questions and to have the right discussions and conversations in order to put you on the path to a more successful and profitable future than you have right now. From this, you’ll have a succinct business plan and strategy that you can use to keep you with all your decision-making – and to keep you accountable.

If you want clarity on what direction you should be heading, make contact today and we will work out the right business planning and strategy approach for your company and situation.

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