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An interesting article on why the losses companies are making are crazy!

By Zac de Silva | April 23, 2017

I read this and thought it was really interesting hearing about the view on some of the well known companies making massive (mammoth) losses. I do wonder how long they will be able to make losses for vs the cashflow they have from investors (there must be a tipping point at some stage where you […]

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More Business Changing client wins!

By Zac de Silva | April 20, 2017

Four months into the new year and already Business Changing clients have hit the ground running!   Our huge congratulations to:   – Loxy’s Hair Boutique for making the Top 5 in the NZ Best in Beauty Awards. Founder Kate Jarrett also had a great interview with Fashion Quarterly on her ride to success with […]

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Reasons why most businesses do not become a big success

By Zac de Silva | April 18, 2017

There are many reasons why most businesses do not become a big success. The most recurring reason I see as to why they do not succeed is due to how they are run. We all want to be seen as an effective leader and manager yet so many leaders in business are sabotaging themselves by […]

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Our Client Innocent Packaging Taking On The World!

By Zac de Silva | April 9, 2017

Well done to client Tony Small of Innocent Packaging… After being in KiaOra Magazine (Air NZ’s inflight magazine), Tony has had this great article published about him in Sunday Star Times and Stuff.co.nz – keep up the great work Tony!! Check it out here… Also we did feature Tony last year in our “Client Q and A […]

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My advice to new business owners or managers

By Zac de Silva | February 28, 2017

Whether you have been promoted at work, want to stand out amongst colleagues, bought a new business or are facing some urgent need to change your firm, there will be a right and a wrong speed to make changes.   Everybody wants to stamp their mark and show they’re very capable as a manager or business […]

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