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BUSINESS COACHING -Are you, that’s you, making a difference?

By Zac de Silva | May 21, 2011

Article by Zac, from NZ Apparel Magazine, May 2011. Enjoy. Applicable to all businesses! I am talking to you… You the designer, you the accountant, you the retail assistant, you the wholesaler business owner, you the pattern maker, you the part timer. You the whatever you do! First question to you… Are you springing out […]

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Hospo Tips for RWC. Might apply to any industry! Enjoy these ideas…

By Zac de Silva | April 6, 2011

I was recently “commissioned” by Auckland City Council to come up with some tips for businesses for RWC. Whether you work in hospitality or not, there quite likely could be some useful tips that you could take away to apply to your business, regardless of industry, or perhaps apply to your life! Hope you like […]

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Do you know Sean Penn?

By Zac de Silva | March 25, 2011

I am the Chairman of a volun-tourism company called Hands Up Holidays. It does great work helping the world – you go on a holiday to one of 35 odd countries and whilst on a luxury holiday, you get to do a few days work with the local community, say build a school, work in […]

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