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Cafe client wins best coffee accolade!

By Zac de Silva | June 21, 2016

I love it when a client rings or emails with great news! This time it was rad roastery and cafe Gurulife in Australia, telling me they’ve topped Metropolist’s Best Coffee on the Sunshine Coast list! How awesome is that!


This was what the judges said:


Out in the sticks, Guru Life is a must-visit coffee spot that doubles as a roastery and café. Dishing up breakfasts of epic proportions alongside their cups of liquid gold, this Rosemount cafe, totally floats our high-standards boat. Guzzle your helping of the Guru blend in the garden, and if you really want to connect with nature, get your duck feeding shoes on. (There’s a pond on the property.)


Well done, team – you can’t wish for much more than that!


  1. Thanks heaps Zac! It feels pretty great to be recognised for not only the hard work, but the love that goes into what we do. We’re looking forward to reaching some more of our goals in the future

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