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Business Coaching

Business Coaching

Are you a business owner, senior business leader, or senior executive who needs a bit of guidance or accountability to take you to the next level in business?

We ask you the questions that you wish you’d been asked several years ago and we work together to agree the right focus points for your business, to maximise your success (in whichever way you might measure success) with our business coaching Auckland service.

With our experience we can help you formulate the right answer to what you should be doing – we’re not just a “question-asking coach”, we actually have some answers too.

We catch up with you as regularly as you need business coaching. Some clients are monthly, 6 weekly quarterly or even less regular – whatever works for you to get your business even more successful (we do not work like most business coaches in terms of weekly or fortnightly catch ups and we do not lock you into any set terms or # of hours – whatever you need is what you get). Our business coaching Auckland service works with you in a totally bespoke way that suits you.

We do not apply formulaic business coaching methods as every business is different. All we care about is giving you great specific mentoring, advice and service so that you can achieve your maximum potential success, for both your business and you as an individual. And we’re good at it, if we do say so ourselves! Clients who work with us see a big increase in profitability, year on year.

Zac’s broad business background and diverse range of skills means he can assist in virtually any area of the business, though his focus is typically in the following areas:

1. Leadership improvement and leadership advice.
2. Customer service improvements (and differentiation from competitors – finding that USP).
3. Business improvements and systems reviews.
4. Sales and gross profit growth plans.
5. Business objectives, direction and strategy. It’s hard to succeed when you are confused as to what you are!
6. Business reporting (operational and financial, including KPIs).
7. Who is accountable for what in your business (you want no surprises) and are they focusing on the right areas?
8. Human resources, including remuneration systems, appraisal systems, job descriptions and KPIs.
9. Workplace environments and improvement, targeting “Best Workplace” status.
10. Financial matters regarding the business or your business model, including ROI on different areas of the business.
11. Business Unit reviews, audits and recommendations.
12. E-commerce and online strategy including website design ideas.
13. Branding and marketing, including client email and communications and social media.

Often when commencing work with clients we find that there is very little in the way of forward business planning in place. In this situation we initiate a process to clarify goals and perform some initial financial forecasting. From this we are able to develop a business plan focussed on our customer’s vision of the future, and to set a series of goals for the next 12 months, plus a 90-day action (task / project) plan to have the best chance of achieving the long-term goals. We love holding our clients accountable and also working with them to help achieve their goals, once the goals are crystal clear! We have even built our own virtual coaching software to help our clients succeed even more (AccMe). Many of our clients come along to the Fiji Business Retreat that Zac puts on too every November (Nurture Change)

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