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BUSINESS PLANNING – NZTE Funding of up to $5000 per annum

By Zac de Silva | May 21, 2012

Business Changing offers several business planning and business coaching / mentoring services that are approved by NZTE to potentially receive funding of up to $5,000 + gst per annum. If you are interested in this potential funding (why would you not be!) contact us. You will be assessed by NZTE (a worthwhile, simple process) to see if you qualify. You must have less than 50 full-time employees to be able to qualify for this…

We can offer the following courses and mentoring to you, with the potential of NZTE funding part of the cost:

  • Expert Business Mentoring (one on one)
  • Grow Your Profitability and Performance (group course) with some one on one mentoring
  • Get the most from your people (one on one), so how to run a best workplace and be a better leader and manager
  • Improve your customers’ experience (one on one), so how to stand out from your competitors and have customers for life
  • Make more money in your business (one on one), so increase your financial understanding and know were you make your $


These courses and mentoring all cost up to $10,000 + gst per annum, and there is the potential for up to 50% funding from NZTE…

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