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Advisory & Directorship

Advisory & Directorship

Do you need someone to sit on your companies board of directors or advisory board who will add value to your business?

Zac de Silva is a director and chairman of several companies (and a member of the Institute of Directors), currently sitting on boards in the computer software, travel, fashion, retail, consulting, engineering and food industries.

He is highly experienced in bringing structure to boards and also seasoned in helping set them up with
the right people to progress your business. The boards Zac works with enjoy his entrepreneurial and all-round business abilities. Currently Zac is open to accepting a new board role.

Beyond board roles, Business Changing can also assist in the set up of key senior roles in your business – finding and recruiting the right people, even just for a limited time if necessary. Some clients are not of the size to have dedicated executives in their business for specialist areas, so Business Changing also offers a “hired gun” service, providing a range of skills to clients, focusing on a specific part or project that you feel you need advice or help on.

Through a hands-on training approach and our business advisory Auckland service, Zac and the Business Changing team can work with you to provide expertise and then train you in an area of the business that you feel you’re lacking in or not maximising opportunities. We then leave the system or improvements in the business so that you’re able to run it yourself.

Zac and his team offer a follow-up service where, on a regular basis, they perform a health-check on the areas of the business they were involved with, making on-going tweaks if required.

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