How are you going to make this financial year your best ever and next year even better? Want long term success?

Join other smart business owners at our next business planning workshop – two days of business changing thinking and discussion with you and your team, strategising to set you up for a successful year ahead and beyond. Bring along your senior 1 – 3 people (or attend alone). Walk away with a business plan. Guided by Zac de Silva. Watch what savvy business owners say about the business planning workshops (with more written testimonials below):



Zac is an award winning Auckland based business coach who won the International Coach of the Year (an American award) in 2014 and 2015. He has the most 5 star Google reviews of any business coach in NZ. He has done over 13,500 hours of business coaching and advising companies on how to maximise their profitability and company value. His clients have won over 110 notable awards including 19 clients who have made Deloitte Fast 50 over the past 4 years. Zac has delivered over 350 business plans and has presented more than 95 speeches at conferences. These days Zac specialises in business planning and strategy meaning you will really enjoy your 2 days of business planning and strategising facilitated by Zac. You will get some one on one time with him as well as part of the 2 day workshop. Check out for full details on working with Zac. 

What you can expect from your 2 days of planning:

We'll cover everything you will need to think about to have a successful 2018 and a successful long term business future. 

You'll come away with a game-changing business plan, full of action points to get you to where you need to be. Everything you do is confidential (you are not sharing with other attendees).

When: Thursday, October 5 and Tuesday, October 10, 2017 in Westmere, Auckland. 10am to 4:30pm both days. 

Your investment: $2,000 for 1 person, $2,500 for 2 people, $3,000 for 3 people and $3,500 for 4 people (plus GST). Potential for 50% NZTE funding of the above costs. Each day is fully catered (amazing food and refreshments). Parking is free. Email any questions.

Special bonus! We have Bernard Powell, who runs Premier Pavers & won 'The Best Workplace In NZ' in 2016 as our October 10 guest speaker. You'll learn how to have more engaged employees meaning happier customers!

"Zac is truly amazing at what he does and has thoroughly helped me on the path to running an even more successful business. His lessons at the workshop are simple and easy for anyone to follow, no matter what level you are currently on. I can highly recommend working with Zac, even just by starting out with one of his Business workshops. You will get so much out of it!" Leah Light, Owner of Leah Lights Nail and Beauty.

"My team attended an excellent business building workshop with Zac, it was thought provoking, practical and we had focused time to enhance our strategic planning. I would recommend working with Business Changing via this workshop if you are motivated to grow your business but need guidance and accountability. Thanks Zac!" Danni Barnes, Owner of Buzz Marketing

"Thanks for a brilliant workshop - I got a huge amount of clarity and focus and it’s been great sharing the work I have done with the team and directors. My husband is super keen to join you at your next workshop to work on his own business. I look forward to working with you in the future Zac." Anna Didsbury, Brick Bay Winery, Restaurant and Sculpture Trail

"Zac's business workshop totally exceeded my expectations. The two days are well planned out to ensure your thought process takes you through the various stages needed to question why you are in business, where your business currently is at and where you want your business to be. Provoking questions, explanations, stories, presentations from successful entrepreneurs and of course Zac's personal attention ensure you walk away with a clear and dynamic business plan. The venue was perfect, the lunch and refreshments sublime." Rachel Kann, Owner IQ Property Management 

"I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and it definitely raised repeating issues that we need to work on our business. It was definitely a great kick start to planning out what we need to do! Can't wait to work with you further in the future!" Saejung Oh, Owner of Oh Rent Me

"I recently took the 2 day business planning workshop with Zac and highly recommend it to others. The workshops are a great way to take a look at your business from a new perspective and come out with a solid plan of action. There's a great balance between looking at your own business (through a series of questions you answer) and learning from others who have been successful. I went in with just an idea and came out with a clear purpose and mission, and more importantly an action plan for the next 90 days (and further) to get stuck in to. The workshop is all about looking at your own business and there's real value in going with a group of people from your company. There are other businesses there, but most of the time is spent on your own business. The food was outstanding and it was a really relaxed comfortable vibe. Cheers Zac!" Andrew Wells, AW Consulting

"Awesome couple of days – great to set the time aside to think about the business and zero in on what is really important for success. Thanks Zac!" Chris Hill, Owner of Hands Up Holidays

"The business planning workshop run by Zac is a great opportunity to challenge existing thinking in your business and take results to the next level. The workshop was well thought out and provided a structured environment to channel ideas and ambitions. Zac has the perfect presenting style allowing for plenty of interaction amongst your team and networking with other business from a variety of backgrounds. Highly recommended." Gray Borrell, General Manager Novii

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